Diamond Cut Red Carnelian With Black Obsidian And Golden Hematite Bracelet

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Carnelian bracelets are like little gems that can bring big changes to your life. Let's explore what these beautiful bracelets can do for you and how they connect to your body's special buttons called "chakras."

Black obsidian is a powerful stone of protection. The energy it emits has the ability to protect you from the darkness that lingers around every corner. Healers believe that its cleansing powers shed a light on the darkness that you may not even see or feel yourself!

Bracelet Size: 7.25 Inches Stretchable

Bead Size: 8mm round Black Obsidian & 10 mm approx Red Carnelian

Type:  Unisex

Boost Your Energy with Carnelian Bracelet

Feeling tired all the time? Carnelian bracelets can help you feel more awake and full of energy. It's like a natural energy boost!

Spark Your Creativity

If you want to be more creative, Carnelian can help with that. They're like a spark that makes your imagination work better.

Confidence Booster

Sometimes, we all need a little boost in our confidence. Carnelian can make you feel more confident, like a superhero with a special bracelet!

Calm Your Worries

Life can be stressful, but Carnelian can help you relax. It's like a warm hug for your emotions when you're feeling worried or stressed.

Stay Focused and Get Things Done

Having trouble concentrating on your tasks? Carnelian can help you focus better, like a super helper for your brain.

Support Your Health

Some people say Carnelian can help keep your body healthy. It's like having a friendly doctor by your side.

Find Your Brave Side

When you're scared, Carnelian can give you courage. It's like having a brave friend with you.

Balance Your Emotions

Carnelian bracelet makes sure your feelings are balanced, like a seesaw at a playground.

Enhance Communication

If you want to talk more clearly and share your thoughts, Carnelian bracelet can help with that. It's like a language booster.

Feel Safe and Secure

Carnelian Bracelet keeps you feeling safe and stable, like a strong base for a big tower.

Chakra Connection: Unveiling Your Body's Buttons

Think of your body having special buttons called "chakras." Carnelian bracelets can press two important buttons:

1. The Creative Button

Located around your belly, it helps you be more creative and feel your emotions better. Carnelian bracelets can gently press this button.

2. The Base Button

Situated at the bottom of your spine, it's all about feeling secure. Carnelian can make this button stronger, like a solid base for a big tower.

So, if you want more energy, confidence, creativity, and many other good things in life, give Carnelian bracelets a try. They're like having a magical friend on your wrist, making your life more colorful and happy!


Specification Description
Gemstone Type Carnelian
Gemstone Shape Beads
Bracelet Length Adjustable, typically 7-9 inches
Bead Size 8 mm
Clasp Type Elastic cord
Color Range of orange shades, sometimes with flecks of red or brown
Chakra Association Sacral (2nd) and Base (1st) Chakras
Energy Properties Energizing, creative, confident, grounding
Design Options Single or multi-strand, with or without accent beads
Care Instructions Clean with a soft, damp cloth; store separately to prevent scratching
Packaging Comes in a jewelry box or pouch for protection
Handcrafted bracelets are handmade for uniqueness
Diamond Cut Red Carnelian With Black Obsidian And Golden Hematite Bracelet

Diamond Cut Red Carnelian With Black Obsidian And Golden Hematite Bracelet


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