Certified Russian Serpentine 8mm Natural Stone Bracelet

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What is Russian Serpentine?

The appearance of a serpentine is like that of a skin of a snake, hence it is named so. It colours and markings are similar to that of a snake's skin. It is also called so because there is an ancient belief associated with it which states that it provides protection from snake or its venom. It usually comes in green, black-green, brown-red, brown-yellow and white colours.

Bracelet Size:  7.25 Inches Stretchable

Weight: 18 g

Bead Size:  8mm round

Type:  Unisex

Spiritual Benefits:
  1. Heart Chakra Activation: Russian Serpentine is closely linked to the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion, and emotional balance. It is believed to open and align the heart chakra, facilitating deeper love, empathy, and emotional healing.

  2. Emotional Healing: This stone is thought to assist in the healing of emotional wounds and traumas. It may help individuals release negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, and sorrow, allowing for greater emotional well-being and resilience.

  3. Transformation and Growth: Russian Serpentine is associated with personal growth and transformation. It is believed to help individuals shed old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them, making space for personal evolution and spiritual development.

  4. Meditation and Inner Peace: Many people use Russian Serpentine in meditation practices to achieve a state of inner peace and tranquility. Its calming energy can help quiet the mind, reduce stress, and promote mindfulness.

  5. Grounding and Balance: Despite its heart-centered qualities, Russian Serpentine is also thought to have grounding properties. It can help individuals stay rooted in the present moment while exploring their emotions and spirituality.

  6. Communication and Self-Expression: Some individuals believe that Russian Serpentine can enhance communication skills, both in personal relationships and in spiritual pursuits. It may encourage more authentic self-expression and foster harmonious interactions.

  7. Spiritual Protection: Russian Serpentine is sometimes considered a protective stone that can shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. It is believed to create a protective energy field around the wearer.

  8. Enhanced Intuition: The energy of Russian Serpentine is thought to stimulate intuition and promote a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom. It can aid in receiving guidance from one's higher self or the spiritual realm.

  9. Healing Energy: Russian Serpentine is believed to have gentle healing properties that can support physical and emotional well-being. It may help with conditions related to the heart, kidneys, and adrenal glands.

  10. Connection to Nature: The green color of Russian Serpentine is often associated with nature and the Earth's energy. It can help deepen one's connection to the natural world and foster an appreciation for the environment.

  11. Cleansing and Purification: Some practitioners use Russian Serpentine for energetic cleansing and purification. It is thought to help release negative energies and promote clarity of mind

Physical Benefits: 

  1. Pain Relief: Russian Serpentine is sometimes used for its calming and soothing properties, which may help alleviate physical discomfort, such as muscle tension, headaches, or joint pain. It is believed to have a gentle, relaxing energy that can promote physical relaxation.

  2. Detoxification: Like many other green stones, Russian Serpentine is thought to have detoxifying properties. Some practitioners use it with the intention of assisting the body in eliminating toxins and impurities.

  3. Immune System Support: While not scientifically proven, some practitioners of crystal healing believe that Russian Serpentine can support the immune system and help the body's natural defense mechanisms.

  4. Balance and Energy Alignment: Russian Serpentine is believed to help balance and align the body's energy centers (chakras). This balance is thought to contribute to overall physical well-being.

  5. Stress Reduction: Russian Serpentine's calming energy is thought to help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can have positive effects on physical health.


Certified Russian Serpentine 8mm Natural Stone Bracelet

Certified Russian Serpentine 8mm Natural Stone Bracelet


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