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Why Should You Buy This Beautiful Pearl Studs Combo

Pearl Studs Combo

Pearl earrings are a timeless piece of jewellery, and are a staple item in every woman’s jewellery box. Wearing pearl jewellery appropriately will help you to look sophisticated and fashionable at work. Wearing pearls can add joy to your day and make you look forward to dressing up for work. A woman of any age can create a contemporary look for her work attire with pearl jewellery.

If you’re looking for a way to add a new pearl jewelry piece that you can incorporate into different work wear outfits, pearl studs is always a phenomenal choice.

With a variety of different colors and extremely affordable prices, pearl studs can add elegance to any ensemble..

Pearl stud earrings are an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. Stud earrings aren’t heavy and won’t snag so that they won’t hurt your ears. Not only are pearl earrings classic, but they are also sophisticated and will add a noticeable touch of class to your work outfit to round it off.

But What are The Available Colors?

That's the best part about these pearl studs. They comes in variety of colors and can be matched with any attire easily.

The combo here has 12 colors.

White, Red, Reddish Pink, Cream, Blue, Light Blue, Peach, Silver, Golden, Purple, Green and Light Pink

Pearl Studs Combo

These are 100% certified and comes in a pretty reasonable price! 

In fact, The price of these pearl studs is best at the moment!

We have recently reduced the price even further for a limited online sale

That's why it's selling like crazy with females across the India recently!

Pearl Studs Features & Facts:


✅ Can be matched with Any Attire 

 Reasonable Price 

✅ Pearl Size - 10mm round

✅ High quality 

✅ Completely Safe - Can be used by anyone irrespective of age! 

✅ Positive reviews - The overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves!

How these studs Look?

Pearl Studs Combo


How Much Does the Pearl Studs Combo Cost?

Price for 1 Pair of studs is Rs 200 so the price of 12 pair should be Rs 2400 but for this combo Price is Rs 1800. There is an additional discount of 10% is going on for the festive season.

Overall Final Price For This 12 Pearl Studs Combo is Rs 1620 only.

How to Order :

You can order it online by clicking the order now button below or you can book it via whatsapp at 9013231393.


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